Over the range microwave installation

One of the initial home repairs/installation, which involved electrical, some masonry, and heavy lifting and precision work. So we had a standalone small microwave which did serve the purpose but as with all electrical gadgets they do go kaput. So once that happened did start the research to look for a new one.

So after researching everything that was available in the market decided to go in for an over the range microwave. These are definitely costlier than the standalone ones but are larger in capacity and to some extent provide more functions and most importantly do not eat up counter top space. The only issue in my case was I had to first try and uninstall the over the range exhaust system and then install the new microwave in that duct. The new microwave provided the exhaust feature too.



Removed the old exhaust and found out that the wall behind it was ridden with holes and lose drywall. Installed the bracket which came with the microwave.


Drilled a hole from the bottom of the cabinet, as the cord runs from the top of the microwave out.

With limited tools at hand, used a spatula to apply speckle.  Use the drywall repair patch which is available at Home Depot to fix the holes in the back wall.

Re-routed the wiring and created a plug point inside the cabinet which was right on top of where the new microwave would end up.

Installed the microwave, also features a light below it which shines on the range.



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