Ikea-hack ball pit

The Ikea ball pit; the must-see, must-visit place for kids. So on of our recent visit to Ikea our 10 yr old and 4 yr old wanted to hit the ball pit again. It was a weekend, and that place was packed. So after standing in the line for a good 20 mins or so to get into the kids area, the attendant would not let my 10 yr old in as she was an inch or so “too tall” to be in the kids area. Only the younger was allowed to go it. Felt really bad for her so promised her that I would build one for her at home.

So started my research on what is the best way to go about it. Searched around for something which can be collapsed when not in use and there are a few options available, but they just did not gel well with my thought of a ball pit.  So after doing a lot of research finally ended up doing the following.

We had the Ikea HEMNES daybed in the basement which was hardly used.


So we decided to move the drawers part of the bed out and then use the remaining part as the pit.


One end was against the wall so that took care of the hole in the back of the bed and the other end was now open, so we decided to seal that off with 2  LACK wall shelves. Joined them together first using kreg pocket hole screws, and that part went on the inside so that the outside looks more or less flat. Also removed the slats and the metal slat holder for lack of a better word from the would-be pit area. I doubled up the slats on the bed with drawers. The slats were a little too long for this part of the bed so had to measure and saw them to size.


Purchased the balls from amazon. 3.1″ Crush-Proof Ball Pit Balls – non-PVC Phthalate Free Plastic in 5 Colors. There are around 50 odd balls per cubic foot area. We ordered 2100 balls for this setup. Might be around 100 – 200 extra as they easily spill over when the kids get excited (which happens always guaranteed).



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