Samsung S3 screen repair

Our 10 yr old wanted a new phone, so instead of buying a new one, decided to give her my wife’s old S3, but it had a cracked screen so started the expedition to fix it.


After reviewing a numerous videos on YouTube on how to go about it. The process is fairly simple (as they say), removing the outer glass by melting the glue around the edge (used a hair-dryer) and then clean the surface and replace with new glass. Done !! Ordered parts from amazon, which arrived in a couple of days thanks to prime 2-day shipping.


with the outer glass off and view of the inside digitizer.


realized that I went in too deep, as that brown cable seen in the picture shouldn’t have been in the picture.
So looks like there are two layers and then the digitizer, I had to remove just the top layer but instead removed both by mistake.


also in the process accidentally cracked the digitizer so now $10 repair became $80. Ordered new parts from amazon.


So now I had to start from the back of the phone and dismantle that.


ripped open the device from the back


this is the motherboard (top right corner is not a part, just a background paper)


top screen is on the top right, digitizer in the middle and body in the lower left corner


while installing the new parts the connector on the left-top of the image did not align properly so had to just do some out-of-the-box thinking to get it all fixed properly.


finished product!!


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