Carpentry: Hole in one

So I had a few pieces of wood lying around from the recent Ikea-hack ball-pit project and also found a single golf ball from my first golf outing. Decided to do something out of it with the tools/skills at hand. Inspiration was from the numerous wood-working videos available on youtube. This by no means in my original idea.


Pieces of wood from the Ikea HEMNES day bed slats.


Glued together 2 sets of 5 pieces of wood.


Then glued those 2 sets together.


Sanded the block to kind of make it even on all sides.


Marked and started carving out the wood in the center from the 4 broader sides.


rounded off the edges.


heated water to boiling hot and then immersed the wood block in for 5 minutes so that it becomes soft enough for the golf ball to slide in. Then just air dry for the wood to regain its strength and shape.


with the golf ball inserted.


A little more sanding and shaping and then finally applied some cherry stain.


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