Moen faucet cartridge fix

About an year or so (or maybe more) I had fixed a leaking faucet in our powder room. After the fix the leak did stop, but the hot water wouldn’t work. You turn the handle any which way you would get just cold water. After doing some research I kind of came to the conclusion that when I installed the new cartridge, I might have missed something, but I never got to troubleshooting it. It was one of those things that I knew I could fix in a jiffy, but the auspicious moment never arrived.

So the day finally arrived and I decided to take the faucet apart in order to troubleshoot.


This is the faucet in question. The first step is to take out the brand label on the handle and remove a hex-screw from there.


Once that is off, step by step start taking one piece at a time out.


This small metal clip at the back of the plastic housing is a tough one to pull out.

Once that is out then its just a matter of pulling the cartridge out.


As I had guessed the hole in the cartridge should be facing me and it wasn’t. Picture taken from the mirror which is behind the sink. So it was facing the back wall or the mirror behind the sink.


This is what the cartridge looks like. So rotated it by 180 degrees and put everything back in the exact reverse order and now everything works perfectly. Hot and cold water as required and no leaks.





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