Replacing HDD on Dell Laptop N7110

Generally replace a hard drive on a laptop these days is very simple, just turn it on its back, plop out a few screws and out comes the hard drive. But it wasn’t that simple with the Dell Inspiron N7110. So here is how it went.


Here is the back of the laptop, at the top is the battery compartment and then below it on the right is where the memory DIMMs are. There is one more screw out there on the left of the memory compartment but that holds the CD/DVD drive, so there is nothing here for the hard drive.


So step 1 basically starts from the front of the laptop and have to pry open the keyboard. There are some slots/marking/tabs on the top and side and I started working in from those. There is a cable right behind it and that has to be removed next. For the cables flip up the black connector and then just slide the cable out.


Once that is removed then there are 3 screws and 4 cables that need to be removed as shown below.


Then close the lid and flip the laptop to expose the back and now there are 11 screws here that need to be removed as shown below. The first 2 are in the battery compartment, so remove the battery first to locate them.


Then re-open the lid and now pry open the plastic cover around the keyboard area. Back of the plastic casing shown on the left below and then we can see all the other components on the right.

HDD is located towards the bottom area and held with 3 more screws. Unscrew those and slightly slide the hard drive to the left in order to remove it. The hard drive is attached to a casing with 4 more screws so remove those. I know too many screws, so keep a track of them. The outside ones are almost all the same size and so are the inside ones.

Ordered the replacement hard drive on amazon, took around 3 – 5 days to arrive, as it wasn’t through a prime vendor and costed me around $55 for 1 TB.


Above picture shows the replacement hard drive attached to the metal casing.


Slide the hard drive in from left to right in cavity and then screw it in place. And now its just a matter of putting or screwing everything back in place.

3 screws followed by 4 cables and then 11 screws in the back.


Attach the keyboard cable and then just press the keyboard back in and it should click in place. That’s basically it, put the battery back in and boot up the laptop. BIOS shows the new  hard drive as shown below.



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