2010 Toyota Prius III rear wiper replacement

Following are the steps to replace the rubber insert of a 2010 Prius III rear wiper. With normal wear and tear the rear wiper rubber was falling apart. Bought the rubber inserts on amazon. Amazon says its not compatible, but it is.

Flip open the tab at the end of wiper which connects to the car so that the wiper stand straight.

Then as indicated by the red arrows twist or apply pressure to the wiper in the opposite direction. Its like snapping a twig but gently, you will hear a snap sound when then wiper comes off of the holder.


Once the wiper is out, stretch the middle section as indicated so that the top part slides back and can be removed from the grove. Once that is out slide the rubber out as shown below.


The rubber has 2 metal holders on each side in a grove, remove them and attach them or slide them back into the grove of the new rubber insert.

Now we have to slide this rubber back on to the plastic holder. There are 4 clip like holders on the plastic frame. Follow the picture below on how to slide the rubber back into the plastic frame.


That’s it, re-attach the wiper to the wiper arm connected to the vehicle and you are all set.



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