Canam Spyder RS SM5 (2009) Tail Light fix

Here is one of the relatively quick fix. I noticed that that tail light on my canam spyder RS SM5 (2009) was not lighting up, so one Saturday morning decided to take a look.


So the tool-set that comes with the vehicle is enough for this job. Added a flash light to the list and a freshly brewed cup of coffee.


There is a single screw right in the center of the plastic cover, so unscrew that and remove the reflector cover.

The picture on the left shows the loose connector, actually the pin is a little bent which is why I think it wasn’t staying in there. So shoved the connector tight and made sure it stayed put.

That did it, light is working. I noticed that this light just shines down on the license plate and the red part is just a reflector, it does not light up.






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