Replacing the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal, arguably one of the most import piece of equipment in the modern kitchen today and when it fails its a messy/smelly job. So the garbage disposal under our kitchen sink broke down at the 11th hour (which usually is the case, isn’t it) and I had to get it fixed before my friend showed up for quick meet-up. I had changed this one before about 7 years back, so roughly knew what needs to be done. One of the most import tool needed for this job is the groove joint pliers.

My wife helped me on this one, ran to the nearest Home Depot and picked the exact model, the basic one, we really don’t need the hi-fi ones. The current one broke because something the wife did that she shouldn’t have, you know, stuff happens.


This is the old one which started to leak, hence the bucket under the disposer. So first switch off the power to the disposer from the mains. Then switch off the water connection.


Then loosen the screw of the crimp clamp as shown in the picture above, that is the hose connected to the dish washer. Then loosen the metal connector which is connected to the drain. Then twist the  disposer using the twisting tool which comes in the new kit from under the sink. There is about an inch or inch and half of the black plastic tube inside the drain pipe, so have to tilt and lift the disposer slightly to dislodge it. Its heavy and in cramped space, so align yourself properly before doing this step. Its a good idea to keep a small container or tub below the disposer to capture any run-off water so that it does not spill all over the place, damaging the wooden cabinets. At this time the power cord is still connected to the disposer so undo that from the bottom of the disposer.



Once off this is how it looks. In my case the main issue was food and gunk was trapped in the u-shaped tube as indicated in the above picture so water was not being flushed out to the drain. So had to remove this pipe and dig out everything that was stuck in here. This was the worst and smelliest part of the job and the wife took the onus on her to clean this.


Once that was done, re-sealed everything back in. For the pipes which have threads applied the thread seal tape.

Punch out the plastic tab on the dish washer connector on the disposer. Then attach the L shaped plastic tube which would connect to the drain. Connect the power cables to the bottom of the new disposer and then take it in to place it under the sink. We did not change the metal ring or adapter that is connected to the sink as that is more work and there was nothing wrong with the existing one.

Align the disposer, again this is heavy so make sure you are properly placed under the sink to lift up the disposer, attach/insert the drain connection and at the same time line it up with the adapter under the sink. Once everything fits in, tighten the connections, screw in the crimp clamp for the dish washer hose, verify the connections and then switch on the water and power supply.





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