Changing privacy screen

Due to normal wear and tear and the prying hands of my little one the privacy screen mesh had not only started to rip apart but had a big hole in it.


This is a relatively easy fix. Removed the screen frame from the railing, lift up and tilt out from the bottom. Measured the size of the window. Cost the basic screen roll from home depot 36″ x 25′, which would be more the sufficient.

Removed 4 screws 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom and then using a flat head screw driver removed the spline which is like a rubber gasket.

Removed one part of the handle as the spline was running behind it. That’s it once all spline was removed just pushed the screen from the other side and removed it.

For the next screen installation, lay the frame flat and rolled the screen over and made dry fits/adjustments. Added a new tool to the kitty, a spline roller. It has 2 wheels one a little thin and pointy and push the screen in the groove of the frame and the other one has a groove in the wheel which is used to push the spline into the groove of the frame. Pretty handy tool and makes the job relatively easy.


Once the screen is fixed to the frame, cut the excess, re-attach the handle, and the 4 screws to the frame.

The frame has 2 roller wheels at the top so do not tighten the top 2 screws all the way before aligning the frame back on the door track. Once aligned then tighten the screws.


That’s it job done!





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