Picnic Table to Bench

We had purchased a folding picnic table a few years back but at a recent get-together my elder daughter’s friends managed to break it. They also managed to crack a glass pane, more details about that fix here.


So instead of just throwing it away, I decided to see if I could salvage anything make it into a fixed bench that I could keep on the deck. This piece while it was functioning used to transfer from a bench to a picnic table, was pretty slick. The previous one was something like this.


This was my starting point, dis-assembled everything that I possibly could.

This is the backside of the seat portion. Had to re-position the end-blocks under the seat which were holding the planks together. Also trimmed the length of the seat planks to match the other set.


Joined the 2 seats, with 2 planks each to make one seat with 4 planks.

Picture on the left shows how the legs were attached to one of the seats, re-positioned it as shown in the picture on the right. Moved them more towards the center.


Seat done, now to get the backrest ready.


Removed the brace holding the back, so that it better aligns with the seat and legs.


Created a joint to extend the support brace and reattached it.


attached the other back brace and secured the base/seat to the back as shown below.


Bench was almost done, attached the hands as shown below.


Doesn’t look professional, but does the job, hands-down.

That’s it, now I have additional seating on the deck.




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