Lenovo Z580 Fan Replacement

Fan on my Lenovo Z580 laptop stopped working and the unit used to get hot very fast, so hot that I could boil an egg on it!

So decided to replace the fan and quickly learnt its not that easy to just pluck the old one out. Took many steps and screws to worry about. Anyway, after doing a whole lot of research, found all the necessary steps to take the plunge. So here they are.


backside the of laptop with the cover and battery removed.


All screw positions marked in red above. So 9 screws around the perimeter. There are two towards the top which are slightly longer and thinner than the ones on the perimeter, which hold on to the keyboard. Three screws hold the HDD, once the HDD is removed there is one more in that bay which I think holds the keyboard. One screw to the left of the HDD bay holds the DVD drive. One screw (this is smaller than the perimeter screws) towards the bottom which holds the wifi card and another one slightly longer than the perimeter screw. So 18 in all.


Once the DVD drive is removed, remove the 3 screws in that bay and similar 2 screws in the battery bay as shown above.


So finally when all the required screws and HDD is removed, this is how it looks.


Flip over and remove the keyboard. Start from the top of the keyboard as there is a cable from the keyboard to the motherboard that needs to be disconnected next.


Three connectors here that need to be disconnected. The large keyboard connector slides down towards you where as the other 2 need to be flipped up.


2 more screws to be removed, and we are not yet done with screw removals yet. One flip up connector at the bottom and then there is one more black connector to the bottom left that needs to be slide out towards the right. This one is very very small and tough to grab and slide, so be patient.


So removed keyboard and keyboard cover.


Now there are 4 black screws around the perimeter of the motherboard that need to be removed. 2 more white longer screws towards the right of the motherboard which hold the DVD connector also need to be removed.

Then at the bottom of the motherboard, disconnect the blue cable, same black flip up type connector, like we have seen before and then slide the white connector towards the right to remove that. The other end of this small component is not secured anywhere to the device, so just make a note of that.

Towards the top right there are 2 more connectors, slide them out towards the direction of the arrows shown in the picture above.


Remove one screw which secures the fan to the device. There is another connector shown in the picture above, I could not remove it, but there was enough wiggle room to continue working without removing this one.


Pivoted the board on the top edge and flipped it up from the bottom. There are still wires connected at the top of the board (bottom part in the picture above).

Now, slide out or pull out the fan connector (again very small and difficult to pull out), and unscrew the 4 screws which connect the heat sink to the CPU.

Finally the fan is out, but we are not done with removing the screws, really !!


So now we have remove the fan from heat sink, cleanup the thermal compound, which is applied to the metal plate which connects over the CPU.

Cleaned up the old thermal compound from the CPU and the heat sink plate.

2 more small screws to be removed, remove the silver tape and thus the fan and the heat sink assembly is separated. Finally done with all the unscrewing of screws.

New fan, bought it from ebay, took about a week to get, was also available on amzon prime, but this one came with the thermal compound just enough for my current requirement so went with this option.

Inserted the new fan into the heat sink assembly, reapplied the same silver tape, and fixed the 2 small screws.


Applied the thermal compound to the heat sink plate.


Screwed in the assembly and connected the fan to the motherboard and step by step started putting things back in the same order they were taken out.


Functioning fan !!



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