Sony Vaio VGN-NR160E Screen repair

While going through my closet found this old Sony Vaio laptop, which hadn’t been used for years. Fired it up and then I remembered why the laptop wasn’t used anymore, the screen flickered. Nothing seemed wrong with the screen as such but when the screen was moved back and forth the display would flicker. So after doing some basic diagnosis I had a hunch that the connector cable might have gone bad. So searched around and found a very cheap deal on ebay for an used but working condition connector and tried to give that a shot.


So the job was pretty straight forward. Find a way to get to the connector, remove the old one and replace it with the working one. So first step was to get to the connector, so here goes.

So flip the laptop, remove the battery and remove the 20 screws shown in the picture above (left). Open the bottom cover and there are 2 more screws in there that need to be removed. I left the screws in the cover itself instead of removing them all out so that I do not lose them. Pry open the cover  and following is what the laptop now should look like with the bottom cover off.


Next step is to slowly start removing the screen connector cable. The cable is located towards the top of the laptop and meanders itself behind/along the right side of the plastic battery bay.


One end of the cable has two white connectors which connect to the motherboard and then there is one part of the wire connected with a screw as shown above. Remove the 2 connectors and the screw.

Another view (closeup) of the connector on the left above. Top right image shows the flow of the wire/cable and bottom right shows the wire/cable loosened. There are other wires which are strung on the border of the plastic battery bay, and I did not remove them, just worked with the cable that I needed to remove.

Flipped the laptop upright. The DVD drive would now be lose as the screws which hold it are removed, so just keep it aside for now. Remove the black screw covers and remove the 4 screws which hold the plastic frame around the screen. Then just pry open the screen frame. The frame comes off completely, so remove and keep aside for now.

Remove 2 more screws at either end of the laptop as shown above. Screws are only at the bottom of the screen. Once these are off make sure the screen is properly supported otherwise the laptop would topple. Close the screen flat.


Now there is a white connector that needs to be removed and then two sticky tapes, one black and the other yellow that needs to be peeled off.


On this connector, under the yellow tape, there is transparent plastic tape that needs to be peeled off too. This was very difficult to peel off so I just cut it at the point where the cable connects to the LCD screen, shown by a red line above.

That’s it cable was off, now it was just making sure the working cable is put back in. Followed the steps above exactly in reverse order and the cable fit perfectly.



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