Invicta watch battery replacement

My invicta watch was not keeping up with the time, which started the research to find out what was wrong. The most obvious reason was that it needed new battery. Searched through YouTube videos and found a lot of helpful information. One of the tricks to this is to get the right tools to get the job down quicker. The back of the watch has groves and the back plate is screwed in instead of a snap fit. There are special wrenches available which are designed for these groves. The tool set is not costly but I didn’t really have much of a use for it once done. So decided to improvise a little bit.

Used a regular household scissor and placed it in the groves and unscrewed the back plate. Wasn’t that difficult and worked great.


The back plate has a think black colored liner/washer so be careful not to damage that. Not sure how easy it is to get a replacement.

Remove the plastic ring which around the dial, and now we can clearly see the battery. There is a very delicate metal clip that holds the battery in place. I had to pry that open, kind of lifted it up from the a grove around the edge of the dial, to create just enough clearance to slide the battery out. I did not remove the metal clip all together as I wasn’t sure if its just snapped fit in or if there is some other method to remove it.


Got the new set of batteries from amazon for around 5 bucks. I have extras now. That is basically it. Reset the metal clip back in its grove, put the plastic piece back in and screwed the back plate. Used the scissors again to tighten the back plate to the watch.






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