Beer bottle caps decor

I had quite a few left over beer bottle caps from the coffee table project. I was searching for ideas on how to use them. Narrowed down to build something like a shadow box but also wanted to give it a personal twist. So I decided to make a decorative wall hanging in the shape of a beer pilsner glass and then fix the caps on it using the epoxy-resin mix (left over) that I had used for the coffee table.

For this project started off with a rectangular plywood (2′ x 4′) and then decided to cut it in the shape of a beer glass. For the rim or edge of the cut-out I decided to use some left-over rails from the coffee table project. Added a ryobi jig saw to my arsenal. Did not use any special blades, just the stock one which came with the unit and it worked pretty well.

To begin with I started to freehand the layout of a beer glass with the caps that I had.

I tried a few different things but this wasn’t working out.  After a lot of research found a software called as inkspace which I used to generate the template as shown below. Its basically a bunch of A4 size paper stuck together to generate the layout of the glass.


Added another inch and half or so around this to make the most use of the plywood board and ended up with the following.

Next step was to paint the cut-out plywood board with a darker color. Bought a black paint spray can from home depot and this is what it looked liked after a couple of rounds of paint with the template in the middle.


Now I started to work on the trim for this base. This is where the rails from the previous project come in.

Sanded them to expose the beige/white wood. At this point the plan was to the keep the trim in the natural wood color or at the most use some natural wood oil on it at the end to give it some flare.

Cut the wooden rails into small pieces and started placing them around the perimeter. Just eye-balled the measurements here. If it looked good it was stuck to the plywood, as simple as that.


Above picture shows the completed trims. I still had to fill in the gaps between the pieces of the trim, due to the curves involved in this project and that was the next step. Initially tried to cut small wedges as required and then glue them in, but cutting accurate wedges became a huge challenge so decided to just fill them in with saw dust. I have been collecting it during the various projects so I have one of my daughter’s Easter egg bucket dedicated for that.

But after the glue dried those wedges which were filled with saw dust had a darker shade than the rest of the trim. I tried sanding and all but could not get the look that I was looking for. The trim definitely did not look seamless. So time to cover up!

So I decided to paint the trim too. Used a brown spray can that was lying around. Here is where I found it. I had initially decided to keep the center of the plywood black but after painting the trims brown decided to paint the whole thing brown. I dabbed the metallic gold along the edge of the trim using a sponge instead of spraying it directly from the can. Also put some hooks on the backside of the plywood at this point.

Next step was to prepare the epoxy mixture and apply a thin coat first and place the beer caps on it and once the caps are set in place start the final pour.

As I had kept the epoxy in the garage after the last project it had hardened. It should be stored at room temperature. So the mixture was not turning out to be clear but very cloudy and thick. I used a heat gun this time (another recent new addition to the toolkit) to fix the air bubbles and make the epoxy look transparent as it set.


That’s it, another project gulped down.








One thought on “Beer bottle caps decor

  1. Very artistic use of the caps of the beer bottles that were in balance from the previous project of Coffee Table Top. Loved the rim you could do so well using the small pieces of wood and saw dust. Painting it with metallic gold added gilded glamour and completeness to the Art work of your creativity.
    Hats off to your patience and penchant for creativity!!!


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