Grip puppies on Spyder F3-T

Was shopping for grips for my canam spyder F3-T SM6. I had kuryakyn grips on my old spyder RS SM5, but it seems the stock grips on the F3s are glued to the handle bar so cannot be removed easily. Also kuryakyn or others do not make any grips for the F3. So the only option was to install cover-up kinds, the ones that slide on to the existing grips. Searched a lot and the only viable option was to try out the Grip puppies. They were available on amazon prime, so ordered a pair.

Install is pretty easy and straight forward. All I have to do is slide these on top of the existing grips.

Size looked all right. Length is maybe a few mm long but I did not want to trim them.


Removed the end-cap, so that it would make it easier to slide the grip on.


Smeared a little bit of baby powder (or general talcum powder should do too) on the grips and also to the inside of the new slide ons. I saw a video on youtube which showed the use of an air compressor to help slide the grips on.

That’s it, grip slides on very easily. Installed the end-cap and now for the other side.

Once the end-cap on the throttle is taken off you can see the spring. Same thing here too, smeared a little bit of baby powder and slide this one too.


Once done, installed the end-cap.

Watered the handle with a hand-held water spray bottle, to remove off the excess powder. Grips look and feel great.


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