Spyder F3 changing shifter/brake linkages

My CanAm Spyder F3T SM6 (2016) came with the stock linkages for the shifter and brake. One of the selling points for the F3 is the UFit system, which includes adjusting handle bar and foot peg location in order to increase riding comfort.

So the first thing was to find out the size of the linkages that I need to purchase. Tried out the different options on CanAm’s website and decided to move up one size.


Did not want to change the handlebars this time around, only the peg positions. I have also read online that the dealers should have a kit with which you can try out which position and handlebar works for you. My dealer did not have the kit (they rarely have anything).


The above picture shows the location of the various positions on the Y-arm. These holes are on the inside of the Y-arm. I’m guessing like mine most of the spyder’s come at position 3, which I’m denoting as stock. So I went from position 3 to position 4.

The kit does come with printed instructions and spare bolts. I re-used the existing hardware. Be very careful while working with the torx screws. It doesn’t take much to strip the head of these screws.


Above picture shows position 4 linkages. The length of the linkage on the shifter side is smaller than the one for the brake. In my case as I have a SM6 I have to change both but for SE6 it would be just the one on the brake side.

Did the shifter side first. Start with the back of the linkage and remove the black nut-bolt as shown in the pictures above. The wrench that holds on to the bolt can go in between the black U-shaped spring at the back part of the linkage. Once the bolt is loose enough slide the spring back just enough to remove the bolt. Once that is off, the shifter pedal would be loose and can be moved easily in order to take the front of the linkage off.

Then remove the bottom 2 screws from the bracket which holds the foot peg. The heads of these screws are very prone to getting stripped off easily, so again please be very careful with these.

This is not a required step, but I wanted to find out how the bracket hooks on to the Y-arm. So I removed 2 more screws as shown in the above pictures.


The above picture shows the the hook or pin which is on the back part of the clamp which hooks into the Y-arm.


Here is a picture of the hardware involved. Again the 2 side bolts need not be removed.

That’s essentially it. Now re-position the bracket and reverse the order. Install the 2 torx screws first which will secure the foot peg bracket in place and then put the new linkage in place, first screw the front of the linkage and then back.

The spring that covers the rear bolt of the brake linkage is slight different in shape. You have to gently/slightly push that back and then use the wrench to hold on to the bolt.

Exactly same procedure on this side too. Start with the back of the linkage take that off, then front of the linkage, then the 2 screws at the bottom of the bracket which holds the foot peg. Then reverse the order to put everything back on.

Enjoy your newer ride!


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