Spyder F3 belt idler kit install

After reading the recommendations about the spyder F3 belt idler kit on spyderlovers.com, I decided to give it a try and following is how it went. Now there are a few different variants out there, obviously one comes from canam/brp and the others are from different after market vendors. I decided to go in for the canam/brp one, for 2 reasons (a) its from canam/brp the maker’s of the spyder and (b) its almost 1/4 the cost as compared to other vendors. The following install was done on a 2016 F3-T SM6.

I bought the kit online from amazon. For this install you will need some more tools than those that come in the spyder toolkit. You need a 3/8″ socket wrench with an extender; I had a 3″ one, and I purchased another 6″ one from home depot, a 10mm and 13mm detachable sockets, a star key wrench or Torx keys (T30), a small clamp or locking pliers.

The first step is to remove the seats and the plastic panels and that takes most of the time, first to remove and then to put it back on. For this install the plastic panels on the left hand side of the vehicle have to be removed.

Once the rear seat is unlocked and removed using the spyder key, follow the pictures above to remove the front seat. It involves removing the 2 bolts using the socket wrench with the extender.

This is how it looks once the seats are taken off.



Remove the plastic bolt/pin using a flat head screw driver. This is located under the saddle bag, indicated by the arrow in the above picture. Then remove the 2 screws using the torx key as shown above. More pictures below.


This would loosen the panel but cannot be taken off yet. The next step is to remove the front part of the panel. So first remove the service cover, which is pretty straight forward, and then remove the 3 plastic pins using a flat head screwdriver. Next remove the 2 screws using torx key. Pictures below.

Now open the frunk cover and remove the black plastic cover which is located under the headlights.


The front part of this panel is held in by this screw which is located right under the headlight. Do not have to take this screw off, just swivel the panel and pull it gently towards you and the panel should come off. This screw stays in the panel once its taken off. Now that the front panel is off, we still have the back panel on the vehicle, so lets shift focus back to that one.

Now remove the plastic pin as shown above, in the picture on the left. This one is slightly different that the others as it has a rubber washer. Push the panel up to dislodge it from the grove which is located under the front seat and then slide it towards the front of the vehicle. That’s it all panels are off now.

Then I decided to take this piece of black plastic off too, just so that its easy to access the bolts that hold the idler kit in place. This plastic piece has 3 screws which can be removed using the allen/hex key wrench that comes with the spyder toolkit and then there is a different kind of plastic pin which is behind the Y arm shown by the arrow in the picture to the left above, which needs to be just pulled out.


Using the socket wrench remove the bolts. Align and install the belt idler kit and re-attach the same bolts.

Post install as shown above. Verify that the idler kit is snug and the roller sits evenly on the belt. I used locking pliers here to align and hold the base of the idler kit in place when I was putting the screws back on.

Now just put everything back together. Install the black plastic cover, 3 screws and a plastic pin, then the back panel, make sure it locks in place first (one hook under the front seat and the other one behind the top of the saddle bag) before attaching the plastic pins. One plastic pin with the rubber washer in the center and the other regular one beneath the saddle bag. Then attach the front panel, slide the front screw in place, and then attach the 3 plastic pins on the top near the service cover, 2 screws in the middle and 2 screws towards front bottom. Put the black cover under the headlights back on and then close the frunk. Install the front seat using the 2 screws and then lock the passenger seat in place.

After a couple of days of riding with this on, its definitely better than not having it. Under 55 mph it does what its supposed to do and the ride is pretty quiet. Between 55 mph to 75 mph the vibration does came back in parts. So I guess it is what it is.

Enjoy the ride!


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