Spyder F3 driver backrest install

After moving up the foot position and continuing with the stock handlebar on my 2016 Spyder F3-T I felt the need for a driver backrest in order to maintain proper posture while riding. Decided to install the one provided by Lamonster as it had good reviews and way cheaper than the one from CanAm. Ordered the one with the red stitching so that it matches the stock seat.

Install is pretty straight forward and there is a video on Lamonster’s website detailing the steps. But following are some of the things you need to be aware of, before buying this product or starting the install.

  1. For Spyder F3-T you have to cut off a small plastic tab which is located under the passenger seat. So you need something sharp to cut it off cleanly, I used the dremel rotary tool that I have.
  2. The default location to store the toolkit cannot be used anymore. There is a suggestion in the instructions for the new location but I just keep it in my saddle bag.
  3. The tools in the CanAm toolkit cannot be used for the install, other than maybe the flat head screwdriver. You need a 3/8″ socket wrench with an extender, I used a 9″ extender (8″ should also work), a 10mm detachable sockets, a star key wrench or Torx keys (T30) and a T20 allen key wrench.

So the first step is to unlock the passenger seat and then remove the driver seat. I had done this before while installing the belt idler kit so this was pretty straight forward.


Then remove the three screws as shown above. Next place the backrest frame aligning it over the screw holes.


As you can see in the above pictures the back portion of the frame does not align due to the plastic tab. This tab has to be cut-off. Looks like this just applies to F3-T models.


Above pictures show how the back part of the frame is locked back into place. The picture to the right shows where to drop the two spacers and the position of the 1/4″ flat washer.


Make sure the plastic cable is connected back to the frame as shown above.


This is the suggested new location for the toolkit, as it won’t fit under the passenger seat any more.


Unscrew the screw as shown above just enough to loosen it so that the backrest can slide into the frame and the tighten it. There is a notch on the backrest that kind of locks into this screw.


Put everything back in and that’s it, install is complete.



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