Custom Maui’s Hook

During a recent family movie night, watched Disney’s Moana with the girls (awesome movie). My younger daughter is hooked on to the character and keeps on watching the various clips on youtube which led me to a bunch of DIY videos on building Maui’s hook. So took pointers from a few videos on youtube and decided to build one for her.

Plan was to build it using wood pieces lying around from previous projects. So I decided to use the rails lying around from the crib to coffee table project for this project.

So sanded each one and then glued them together to form like a plank. Used this template and then used a jig saw to get the first rough cut. I lost some pictures here.

Now each railing has rounded edges so I had to somehow square or flatten them. Tried to use a jig saw first but that did not work properly and I wasn’t getting straight edges. Could have used a planner but I haven’t mastered that yet so had to take the long way out and sand them down.


After a lot of sanding, finally ended up with the following shape and I decided this was good enough.


Using a dremel tool recessed the handle and top part of the hook. This part would be eventually covered by the jute rope so need not be very perfect.


Next step was to stain/color the piece. I had a few options here and after reviewing them, decided to paint it instead of stain. So first I applied around 3 to 5 coats of white primer spray paint. After each coat let it air dry for around 30 mins or so and then applied the next coat. Let the primer dry for a day and then applied 2 to 3 coats of glow in the dark spray paint.

Under daylight the piece looks pale green, so patience is the key. As it dries it needs to soak up as much light as possible. So painting should be done preferably when its bright and sunny outside and not cloudy. Let the paint dry over night. The next step was to draw the markings on the hook. First drew them with a pencil on the template and then hand-drew it on the wooden hook.

After that used an ultra fine grade black marker and drew over the pencil marks. So far so good and then I did a boo-boo. I had read that I could seal the paint with a clear coat so applied that as soon as I was done with the marker and the following happened.


The piece was glowing no doubt but the marking made by the marker had bled. So it was back to sanding, I sanded the paint off just below the recessed handle and re-did the primer and paint as noted above.


This time though after the paint dried I applied the two coats of clear coat and let that dry for another day. Then I took to making the markings using the same ultra fine marker. I was a pro by now.


Last step now was to wind the jute rope over the handle piece and used a hot glue gun to seal that in place.

That’s it project complete.



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