Cork Fridge Magnet

I had a few wine bottle corks lying around and was looking out for ideas on how best to make use of them. During one of my YouTube video searches, landed up with this very cool and unique way to re-purpose them. This is a fairly quick, around 1/2 hr (tops) project.


Using a wood drill bit bore a hole, maybe around half way in. Did not measure anything, just eye-balled it.

Next step is to affix the magnet to the cork. Now one cold just super-glue or use a hot glue and stick it to the curved surface of the cork, it should hold fine. But I took an extra step and scuffed the cork a little and then recessed fit the magnet in the cork as shown below.

Next added a little soil from the backyard, moistened it with a few drops of water and then added the plant and made sure it stays straight in the center.


And that’s that. Regular plant stem without roots does not last long, so plant something with roots. This setup works better with succulents than regular flowering plants.


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