Back to the Future

As the clock moves forward by an hour today here in the US (and 69 other countries) thought of doing something quirky, which lead to this project. I had seen this clock in motion a few months back on a YouTube channel related to motorcycle builds that I am subscribed to, and I wanted to get one. Searched on Amazon and it is available (with mixed reviews) for not much, but then what’s the fun of just buying one off of Amazon. I was sure someone has definitely tried this out and posted a how-to on YouTube. Found one and seemed pretty straight forward and so I decided to give this a shot.

Decide to re-purpose one of the Ikea wall clocks that I already had. These are pretty inexpensive and if I had ended up messing it up – it would have been no big deal. I anyway have to buy a regular one as this is driving my wife and girls nuts.

So step one is to dismantle the clock, remove the battery and then have to take the plastic face cover off.


So in order to do that, turned the clock face down and there are 3 tabs, as shown above. Press them in with a small screw-driver and push it down or out so that the face plate starts coming off. Start with the top 2 as the bottom one is a little longer and wider. Once the top two come off its just easy to slide the bottom one out.


With the face plate off, now the hands can come off. Just pull them out slowly one by one. Seconds hand first followed by the long and then the short hand.


Now turn the clock face down again and remove the black box. It is held in place with plastic tabs on all sides, so start off with the bottom edge, once that comes off then its easy to slide the box out.


Once that is off remove the face sticker. Start peeling it off from the bottom of the clock which has a longer tab like stuff sticking out.


So at this time the complete clock is dismantled. Time to work on the black box now. Battery is already off and I had already removed the wheel that is used to move the hands, just pull it out.


There are two tabs on each side and then its also held towards the bottom too, but once the side clips are removed the plate comes off. I placed the black box on a roll of tape as shown so that I do not accidentally put pressure on the spindle and damage it.


This is how the internals look like. The goal here is to remove the metal plate located on the left and switch its polarities; easy. Very small and delicate pieces involved here so take your time and be patient.


Slowly remove the gears one by one as shown. Then remove the piece that is shown in the above picture. That is actually a magnet (the black piece attached to the white plastic). Used handy tweezers from my wife’s arsenal.


Gently lift the metal plate up from its grove up top and then slide it out of the coil.


Flip it and put it back in. As you can see the left and right legs of the metal plate are not same. It slides in fine though, the only issue is the hole at the top of the plate. There is plastic pole which sticks through the hole in order to hold the plate in place, so now that the position of the hole has been switched the plastic pole comes in the way. I had two choices here, either to trim/chop off the plastic piece so that the plate sits in flat or just push it in a little bit and hot glue it.


Decided to hot glue it in and that worked pretty well.


Added the magnet and the two other gears back on and it was time to seal everything back up and run a test. Just put the seconds hand on and installed the battery and like magic the seconds hand started rotating counter-clockwise.

Shifted my focus on the art work part of the project now. Scanned the paper displaying the numbers to an image and then used one of the freeware online tools which can mirror image a file, cropped it appropriately and then printed it. Had to do this a few times (read as a lot) to get the size right.


Cut the mirror image and then glued it to the original paper. Again here the longer tab towards the bottom helped align everything.


That’s it. Put everything back on and one more awesome project is done! The clock shows the current time, just runs counter-clockwise. Its easier to read this clock in a mirror.


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