Cooking Range Control replacement

A quick write-up on changing the electronic control of our GE XL44 Spectra cooking range (over 15 years old) (Model JGBP35WEA7WW). The push buttons had started to become unresponsive especially the up arrow key.

After a quick research online, looked like I needed two parts, one obviously is the electronic oven control piece and believe it or not the decal/sticker which goes over it. Bought both on amazon; General Electric WB27T10350 OVEN CONTROL and GE WB27K10011 Overlay – White.

Slide the oven range out disconnect the power cord.


Remove the three screws as shown in the picture above. Use a torx (star shaped) T10 sized screw driver to remove the screws.


The top screw is a long one as shown above, the middle and the bottom one are almost the same.


Slide the top piece of the plastic cover out and then slowly remove the bottom. The bottom piece has a small plastic tab which plugs in into the metal body so be careful not to break it. Do this on both the sides.


Lift the cover from the bottom up and kind of rotate it on the top edge frame of the oven. Its held in place by two tabs on either end so dislodge it from the holes and now the top cover can be removed.


Now the electronic control unit is held in place by four screws and then there are 4 cables, yellow, blue, red and white, connected to it and 1 molex or 5 position crimp type cable (white, bottom right).


I could remove the 5 position crimp type cable fairly easily, pried it up using a flat head screwdriver, but I had a tough time pulling out the other 4. I slit the the black shrink tubing around those connectors to help me yank them out but even after doing that it was a pain to remove them. These 4 cables were crimped in place too tight.

I kept the old and new in place to match and kind of eye balled that everything looked the same. Its very difficult to remove the overlay from the old one as its almost fussed into the unit, so I had to buy the new overlay.

That is just a sticker, so peel and stick, pretty straight forward.

I broke the connector on the yellow cable while pulling it out (picture on the right above), so there was no going back now.


The new and old unit with the overlay on.


Connected all the cables. I was going to remove the old black shrink tubes and put new ones, but I couldn’t find the ones I had bought during the motorcycle build. So I instead just used regular electrical tape to hold them in place.

Now it was just a matter of putting everything back in place. There is white foam like cover that covers the bottom of this electronic piece, just make sure that it stays correctly in place. Took about an hour to do the replacement.



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